No Ordinary


NORDA is a Perth based architecture practice. We work to deliver extraordinary outcomes and to make a difference.


no ordinary vision

“Our work is the process of design and design is the process in which we work.”

Our Approach


no ordinary outcomes

“Our designs create profound impacts and improve the daily lives of our clients and the community.”

Our Solutions


Innovative Solutions

You are no ordinary client. We are no ordinary architects. Our innovative approach and thinking helps many realise their aspiration and beyond in ways they could not imagine.

Explore the possibilties

You are one step closer to realising your vision in the most extraordinary way. We strive to become the provider of choice for clients who seek inspiration through innovation. With the scalable, intelligent process help your vision be realised.


We believe that there is a distinct gap for students and staff within aged learning environments, versus those who are fortunate enough to have a new one.


Community is considered to be about sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. For us, it’s about embracing the spirit and culture of the people


Restoration is about the connection to the legacy of the past, an appreciation of its history and architecture, and creating effective versatility for the future.


Every interior project is an opportunity to not only solve a critical business problem, it offers a unique design solution fused with a functionally beautiful aesthetic.

Maritime & Tourism

At NORDA, we continue to push the boundaries of possibility within the Maritime & Tourism space.