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We believe that there is a distinct gap for students and staff within aged learning environments, versus those who are fortunate enough to have a new one.


This contrast creates one of the most exciting problem-solving opportunities, driving us to close the gap and make a real difference to the versatility of aged learning environments.


By applying our extensive knowledge in learning concepts, engagement strategies and behavioural management we achieve value-added outcomes that deliver future proof deliverables across all sectors, including specialist facilities for students living with disabilities.


It’s this unique approach that seen us engaged as specialist advisors in countless concepts challenging the world of future learning environments and major new school roll out programs.


Where others may see constraints, we see the opportunity to innovate, defining the design of learning environments for students of all ages, abilities and direction, in a way that truly enhances their wellbeing and opportunities in life.



Community is commonly considered to be about sharing or having certain attitudes and interests in common. For us, it is more about understanding and embracing the spirit and culture of the people and doing our best to support their aspirations.


While there’s always merit in reviewing and applying the learnings of previous community projects, here at NORDA we never lose sight of the unique characteristic and of the community each project is for, driving solutions that truly resonate at the individual level.


Using this unique and personal perspective, we’ve assisted many in achieving great things for their community, of which the true impact is beyond the built environment;

  • For example, with Volunteer Emergency Services; despite overall project success the real impact we have made is to improve the retention and wellbeing of volunteers.
  • Likewise, with Museum Collection Facilities, by challenging historic regulatory frameworks we’ve enabled curators and researchers to realise greater operational efficiency. Delivering a reduction in operating costs, allowing funding to be diverted to higher value initiatives such as employing additional researchers or improving exhibitions.


Change may be community wide, however lasting impacts and profound differences start at a personal level.


Civic / Museum Collection Facilities / Police & Emergency Services / Support & Care Services / Clubs / Place Making

Heritage / Non-Heritage / Insurance / Remedial / Rectification / Condition Assessments / Compliance


Here at NORDA, restoration is about the connection to the legacy of the past, an appreciation of its history and architecture, with a strong a focus on creating effective versatility for the future.


With building assets of most government and institutional organisations typically over forty years old and increasingly diminished resources to replace them, we see the restoration, maintenance of serviceable conditions and, if required, adaptive repurposing as increasingly important work.


Not only is it an honour to work with the fabric of a heritage and aged building, extending its usable life and giving back purpose, it’s also of equal importance to maintain existing building stock for their continued use within the society.


With extensive experience with upgrade programs of state-wide government asset portfolios, our approach encompasses all aspects of repurposing. From asset efficiency reviews to adaptive re-use and building revitalisation, conservation as well as designing solutions to maximise the potential and functional relevance of heritage buildings.


Our unique and scalable process allows the servicing of a diverse range of clients, maximising the potential from a single classroom to a substantial building fabric upgrade.



At NORDA, every interior project is an opportunity to not only solve a critical business problem, it offers a unique design solution fused with a functionally beautiful aesthetic. Utilising a pragmatic and collaborative approach we work with you to deliver compelling and functional spaces with an unparalleled level of detail.


When it comes to efficient and successful interiors, even within niched industries there is no one approach fits all solution. That’s why our designs always facilitate the needs of the individual to achieve their best, delivering solutions holistic to their wellbeing while diminishing underutilisation.


This focus and expertise is built into our uniquely flexible process, allowing consistent delivery of outstanding offices and learning environments, focussed on enhancing and supporting collaboration.


With over 50,000m2 of successful office accommodation and spatial planning experience, we go beyond the usual integration of products, furniture, systems and colour to facilitate the delivery of compelling and practical solutions that inspire truly productivity, relaxation and creativity. These spaces resonate with the people who share them and are unique to each project.


Offices / Learning Environments / Hospitality / Space Planning / Furniture and Fitout

Waterfront / Maritime Infrastructure / Hospitality / Heritage / Cultural / Interpretative / Place Making / Place Activation

Maritime + Tourism

With over 25 years’ experience in waterfront development planning and place making, preparing development guidelines and design assessment services, we continue to push the boundaries of possibility within the Maritime & Tourism space.


While Maritime is a complex sector, here at NORDA, it is one of our most revered and very well suited to our unique process and diverse expertise. It’s about understanding the multifaceted players and combining this to enable a highly operational maritime environment, a functioning tourism and commercial hub, and performance and competitiveness understanding the key opportunities for growth.


Historically, waterways and oceans have always connected us. They’ve allowed economies to grow, industries to expand, harbours to be built, new cities to emerge, as well as inspiring others to venture to new and exciting destinations.


It’s this reminder of the progress, achievement, innovation and desire to overcome adversity that excites and inspires us all. The relationship between people and waterfronts continues to transform the way we live, work and play and here at NORDA, we have been part of key implementations within this space, it’s an exciting part of both our legacy and future.



Our definition and advisory services are what truly set us apart from other architects. Especially, our capabilities in holistic understanding, defining, testing, risk management, value optimisation and the ongoing support and delivery of projects.


Where others see no easy way forward, we see an opportunity for clarity and innovation.


It’s about connection. We know how to engage with people and give them a voice. We know how to break down constraining structures that slow progress, the influences that cause things to stay on a merry-go-round, wasting effort and energy. We ensure a clear path to completion is always in sight.


Those who have been though our definition processes remark that “there is just no equivalent”, regarding it as a “unique and highly positive experience”. The key is in our ability to extract the really important information that makes a difference, defining a clear path to project success.


Our scalable processes have been developed and refined over 30 years. With a built-in flexibility that does do not require us to have any prior experience in the project type in order to rapidly achieve a deep level of understanding and extraordinary project outcomes.


Project Definition / Stakeholder Engagement / Future Proofing Analysis / Strategic Asset Plans / Business Cases / Project Definition Plans / CAPEX Plan / Risk Management / Value Management / Project Delivery