Diverse Expertise

One Vision

Architecture is a visual art, in which the buildings speak for themselves.
But when they speak something extraordinary – we stop and listen – we appreciate. We contemplate the journey involved, the culmination of factors that make the extraordinary possible, the circumstance – the timing, the team.


Nothing about this is accidental/coincidental, nor is it ordinary. To achieve a result that makes you stop makes you think, makes you feel takes vision, experience and the drive to go beyond. We at Norda appreciate this because… this is what we do… this is who we are. There are no ordinary results, because we are no ordinary architects.

“We are real people that relate to clients in a real way, so that together we can make a real, tangible difference.”

Connect with Ian:

(08) 6500 3210

Architect Principal


Referred to affectionately as the “Dinosaur” and as “The Instigator”. Ian has seen it all and loves to challenge perceptions of what can be.


With over thirty-five years of wide and diverse industry experience, Ian seeks to leave a legacy that makes a positive difference to the lives and wellbeing of people, the quality and identity of place, and the preservation of important culture based on deep understanding, respect and creative thinking.


Ian enjoys engaging with people and learning from them. Outside of creative endeavours, you’ll find him on the water, either fishing and boating or enjoying a round of golf.


When it comes to time away, it’s about travel that involves fun, surprises and authentic cultural experiences. Ian seeks natural and interesting places, especially warm climates.


For Ian it’s all about living and cherishing every moment. Avoiding ‘why’ (judgemental), ‘never’ and ‘can’t’ (anything is possible), and ‘but’ (say what you mean).


Connect with Felice:

(08) 6500 3210



Known fondly as “Coffee Bandit”. While our Felice works incredibly hard, she undoubtedly enjoys a good coffee and will always make the time or find an excuse for one.


With over ten years’ of experience, Felice aims to always embrace the true essence of architecture, distilling key drivers into its purest purpose – people. Utilising her passion and love of the beauty, complexity and simplicity that is design, to facilitate connection and inclusion.


Felice’s goal is to see, enable, facilitate and be part of the excitement of the process of creating beautiful spaces that are in harmony with life.


You’ll find her fearlessly putting forward ideas that are bold, dynamic and vibrant while establishing a reputation for not only being confident and courageous in thinking, but a demeanour that is straight to the point and always striving for impact.

Outside of work Felice excitedly embraces the simple yet bold. From a freshly brewed cup of coffee from a hole in the wall coffee shop, a beach in the South West, or in the hut of the 6th day of an expedition. She also makes an absolutely rocking Risotto.


Her favourite places include anywhere surrounded by the people she loves, where you can laugh until you cry, eat great food and generally just enjoy what life has to offer… by the ocean with a glass of red is always a great start.


For Felice it’s all about being unapologetically who you are, speaking your truth, respecting others and giving love. There are no limits when one is driven and willing to have an open mind. As the saying goes, “Those who cannot change their minds cannot change anything” ― George Bernard Shaw.


Connect with Tamara:

(08) 6500 3210



Affectionately known as the “Adviser” Tamara is always in tune and forever on the pulse, not to mention the person to go to for latest in urban culture in Perth and beyond.


With over ten years of experience, Tamara always aims to simplify and create an enjoyable and fun design journey. One that is built on collective knowledge and experiences, collaboration and passion. One that creates efficient, functional and beautiful spaces. One that brings people together.


When she’s not seeking the transformative impact of the visual and performing arts, you’ll find Tamara surrounded by the creativity of furniture, fashion and product design. Tamara is greatly inspired by authenticity and innovation and enjoys travelling for the ever-enriching immersion in culture, history, language and cuisine.


Tamara loves nothing more than “that place” where friends and family gather over some delicious food and really, really good wine and “ugly” laugh together.


For Tamara it’s about being honest, humble, kind and true to yourself and your beliefs. Anything is possible with the right kind of attitude and good people around you. Work hard but always have fun.


Connect with Ben:

(08) 6500 3210

Associate Director


Ben is often referred to as ‘Ben’. Earned due to his amazing ability to always keep it real, with Ben what you see is what you get.


With over twenty years of Project Management and Contract Administration experience, Ben aims to use his talents to harness aspiration, fuse it with the vision of others and deliver impactful projects reflecting the combined achievements of many.


Outside the office, you’ll often find Ben enjoying a good whisky, golf and enjoying some downtime on the water. It’s about great memories and simple good times.


His favourite places include anywhere green or blue, with family or friends. A hot day on the boat teaching his girls how to fish, or a cold day inside near a fire.


For Ben it’s about always pursuing achievement with a passion. Results come from not only working harder, but smarter – together, backed by a well formulated game plan. Never fear failure, instead learn to fail better, good or bad you’ll always benefit from the growth and experience.


Connect with Emily:

(08) 6500 3210

Team Manager


Known fondly to all as the ‘go to’ person, Emily has the incredible ability to always makes things happen.


With over five years in accounts and administration Emily always continues to grow, achieve and learn to realise her full potential. She hopes to pay it forward and teach; sharing her expertise with others, so that they can benefit from her experience, push further and achieve great things.


Whether it’s spending time with her daughter, playing tennis or travelling to new places, Emily makes the most of the moment and enjoys life experiences, maximising all it has to offer.
She can be found anywhere with warm weather, clean beaches and a good pub where friends and family can be together and feels like home.


For Emily it’s about perseverance and a positive attitude, no challenge is too difficult. Embrace all that comes with openness, sincerity and a smile. Be genuine and realise that in order to be honest with others, you need honest with yourself first.